Weekend in Ukraine – Kiev & Chernobyl

Chris went on a solo weekend to Ukraine in 2016 and really enjoyed that adventurous trip. He actually wrote the following to his Frog, to detail his cool weekend:

Departure from London on a Friday evening, I made it to Kiev early in the morning on Saturday and crossed the border smoothly. After having been harassed by a taxi driver at the airport, took a bus to the city centre of Kiev (Skybus 322 – sounds nicer than actually is…): 45 min journey (which cost £3ish). Struggled with the cash machines: took 3 transactions and 2 machines to withdraw the equivalent of £75!

Bought breakfast at some dodgy cafe in the central train station south terminal, which had tables but no chairs: got 2 americanos and a cheese, tomato and suspect meat sandwich for about £1 – this definitely offset the absence of chairs!

Had booked a Chernobyl-tour which started at 7.30 so had to wait for a while but found the tour bus easily. Chernobyl-tour was run by 2 people who gave us the run down about radiation – it’s dangerous – don’t leave the group as they’re some really dangerous areas and don’t touch anything as that would be really bad! After 10 minutes scaring the sh** out of us, we set off. We were a full coach, made a brief stop at the petrol station for supplies then drove to the Chernobyl checkpoint. This took around 3 hours and there were already a couple of coaches queuing. The police checked everyone’s passport to make sure it matches the list they were expecting then let you through. Painless enough.

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Kilimanjaro Trek – 6 Day Machame Route

After an amazing safari, our next stop was Moshi: we spent one last night in a hotel (Bristol Cottage Hotel – chosen by our trek organiser) before starting our 6 day Kilimanjaro trek!

We met our trek manager who explained the trek in details and made sure we had enough clothes and water bottles (we had one each, he recommended to get another one, which turned out to be a good idea!) and were introduced to our partners in crime for the next days, Doug and Sam!

Day 1 – Let the adventure begin!


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